Nuclear Terrorism: Science Fiction or Reality?

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Rameez Raja

It is believed that terrorist groups like the Al Qaida have clearly indicated their intention to acquire nuclear weapons. However, there have been no confirmed reports about the theft of an intact nuclear weapon by non-state actors or terrorists. Moreover, there is a question on the accountability of nuclear weapons in states like Pakistan, Russia, and North Korea, which are regarded as substantial threat to world peace if nuclear weapons were to fall into the wrong hands after security breach in these states.

In academic circles, some scholars do not agree with the issue of nuclear terrorism and have ridiculed it as ‘an overrated nightmare’ or science fiction. The nuclear states have extended security (manual and technical) around nuclear reactors and nuclear storage areas. However, there are many incidents of security breach where outsiders successfully entered into the nuclear storage areas; nuclear mafia is operating in several…

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The Sioux Wars: The Native Americans Fight Back

Samantha Achaia

The Sioux Wars: The Native Americans Fight Back

     Before they lived on reservations, the Native American Indians owned vast amounts of land. They would grow their own crops, hunt for their own food, make their own clothing and they would barter and trade among themselves. This continued for many years until Christopher Columbus accidentally arrived in North America in 1492. Columbus was supposed to be going to India in order to get spices and prove that the world was round. However, he landed in North America instead. Thinking that he was in India, he named the people Indians. As he settled there, he realized that the Indians could be slaves and sent them to Spain. A short time later, in the mid 1500s, North America began to consist of cities just as there were in Europe. In the 1600s, the English, from England, came to America and began…

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