The Sioux Wars: The Native Americans Fight Back

Samantha Achaia

The Sioux Wars: The Native Americans Fight Back

     Before they lived on reservations, the Native American Indians owned vast amounts of land. They would grow their own crops, hunt for their own food, make their own clothing and they would barter and trade among themselves. This continued for many years until Christopher Columbus accidentally arrived in North America in 1492. Columbus was supposed to be going to India in order to get spices and prove that the world was round. However, he landed in North America instead. Thinking that he was in India, he named the people Indians. As he settled there, he realized that the Indians could be slaves and sent them to Spain. A short time later, in the mid 1500s, North America began to consist of cities just as there were in Europe. In the 1600s, the English, from England, came to America and began…

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Peace Park, Hiroshima

Chany's Shenanigans

Peace Park typically draws thousands of tourists to Hiroshima each year. After the tsunami in 2011 the number of tourists traveling to Japan fell to almost zero and remained relatively low for a long while after. The number of foreign travelers to Japan is slowly on the rise and this is most visible at hot spots like Hiroshima’s Peace Park. I visited Peace Park on my very first day in Hiroshima and spent many afternoons there during my 3 weeks in the city. Peace Park is everything you expect it to be and much more. After taking one step into the park you immediately realise that you’ve entered into a place which is of momentous significance. The A-bomb dome is haunting, yet such a remarkable testament to the strength and resilience of the people of Hiroshima.

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Memorial tower for the mobilized children – Right before…

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